Ramen and Donburi spot in downtown SA.

Quick dinner and drink before heading out to Luminaria. Sit at the bar if you wanna feel like you're in the action.

The #Rickmobile in San Antonio

Greetings, and peace among worlds. 

I had the opportunity to shoot the Rickmobile's Alamo Drafthouse visit for the "Don't Even Trip Road Trip" here at Westlakes! A great experience for San Antonio's Rick and Morty fans to come together and have some fun, pick up some awesome merch, and quote favorite episodes with other die-hards. I only wish I could've seen the faces of the people driving behind it on the highway! Drafthouse prepared a menu with items like Fleeb Juice jello shots, chicken nuggets with Szechuan sauce, fried Pickle Ricks in addition to multiple costumes, raffles, photo booths, and more to enjoy as well.

Relief After Hurricane Harvey

I recently had the privilege to shoot a donation event at St. Stephen's Church for the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio. Catholic Charities of America was able to collect over $2 million in donations from its various stations across the United States, and volunteers were there to sift through and sort all the goods that were delivered as well. Baby formula and diapers, clothing, toiletries, water and canned goods were among the mountains of care packages created to help everyone affected in the greater Houston and Beaumont areas. Pretty inspiring stuff, it felt great to witness such kindness in action, and it was great to feel the energy permeating in that cafeteria for the day.

If you need a place to donate, check out Catholic Charities.

Fiesta Day 2

Visiting the Incognito Masked Ball near Southtown, Fiesta at Guadalupe Cultural Arts on the westside,  and a night on the St. Mary's Strip.